<![CDATA[Agency Moldsilva - central administrative authority in forestry]]> http://moldsilva.gov.md/ 24.11.2020 en http://moldsilva.gov.md/ Copyright (c) 2020 http://moldsilva.gov.md/International Danube Day was celebrated in Moldova <![CDATA[International Danube Day was celebrated in Moldova // Events]]> http://moldsilva.gov.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=270&id=527&t=/Communication/Events/International-Danube-Day-was-celebrated-in-Moldova/ Traditionally, it is celebrated on June 29, but this year it changed to June 30 as the day before was declared by a national day of mourning in memory of well-known poet Dumitru Matcovski. The public event “International Danube Day” was organized this year in the village of Giurgiulesti , Cahul district, and involved local communities, central and local authorities, NGOs and various experts. ]]> 28.06.2013 18:24