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Moldsilva launches the 2023 edition of it’s very own “Olympics Games”

08.06.2023   468 

M. A. Malik


“Moldsilva” Agency has organised the 22nd edition of the “Spartachiada” at the beginning of the moth of June. The event lasted 3 days and it had as a goal to promote a healthy lifestyle and the friendly relationship between employees.

(Photo with the Moldsilva’s 22nd edition of the “Spartachiada” banner, in tr. “Forest Workers’ Sports Days”.)


            The Spartachiada of Foresters from the Republic of Moldova is a sports event that takes place every year and aims to create and strengthen a good relationship between the employees of the 25 forestry entities in the Republic of Moldova, but also to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.


            For the silviculture workers from the Republic of Moldova, the first decade of June is occupied by preparations for the “Spartachiadă”. The event is held every year for more than twenty years, with some exceptions, like the hight of the Covid-19 pandemic, and have thus reached the 22nd edition this year.


            The “Spartachiada”, a traditional expression on the “Olympic Games”, takes place during the first week of the month of June and lasts three days. This year it started on the 6th of June and lasted until the 8th of June. It takes place at the “Vadul lui Vodă Camping Grounds”, near the Nistru river, keeping the grounds cool and perfect for the teams’ games. At the games there are always participating both men and women’s teams from all 25 branches of the Agency, as well as teams from the head branch of Moldsilva.


            It’s not something the workers skirt around, on the contrary. The employees who are feeling up to the challenge have to sign up and even train for the competition along their teammates to be in peak performance for the big day. Those who cannot participate are still welcomed to encourage their colleagues from the side-lines and bring their families to enjoy the fresh air.


            Even though it may seem like an unusual habit, the truth is that the “Spartachiada” because a tradition between the employees, and they wait for it every year. Besides that, the event is something very thought-out. Everything is planned out before-hand and a medical team is always present on site in case of unwanted incidents. The event is a way to encourage “all employees and their families” to practice physical activities and sports regularly. To “promote an active way of living” and to “strengthen the bond between employees”. It also creates a friendly rivalry between all the entities under the Agency.

            The first day of the event consisted of the opening ceremony, which was attended by the director of the “Moldsilva” Agency, Valeriu Caisîn, the president of the “SindsilvaFederation, Ghenadie Grubîi, the president of the National Confederation of Trade Unions from Moldova, Igor Zubcu, the mayor of the city of Vadul lui Vodă, Iurie Onofriiciuc and the directors of the forestry enterprises subordinated to the “Moldsilva” Agency.

            After the opening ceremony,  the employees participated in some of the competitions like checkers, table tennis, football and volley, played by the men’s team.

            The second day of the event entailed much of the same, with slight deviations. Long distance jumps, darts, table tennis and volley played by the women’s teams, as well as a family competition to bring the ones cheering from the side-lines even more into the spirit of the event. However, the competitive spirit rose as the day went on and the scores kept accumulating.

             During the third and final day of the competition, all the scores from all of the competing teams were totalled before the prizes could be handed out to the winners. Each competition has 3 wining places, just like at any standardised sports event, along with some special prizes, like “best volleyball player”, “best offensive football player” and a few more.


This is the list with all the winning teams from the 22nd Edition of the “Spartachidă”:


Mini football

1. Institute of Forestry Research and Management (ICAS)

2. “Teleneşti” State Enterprise

3. “Străşeni” Silvo-Hunting Enterprise


Volleyball (men’s teams)

1. “Soroca” State Enterprise

2. Cimişlia” Silvico-Hunting Enterprise

3. “Silva-Sud Cahul” State Enerprise


Volleyball (women’s teams)

1. Străşeni” Silvo-Hunting Enterprise

2. Edineţ” State Enterprise

3. Tighina” State Enterprise


Table Tennis (men’s teams)

1. “Soroca” State Enterprise

2. “Plaiul Fagului” Natural Reservation

3. Străşeni” Silvo-Hunting Enterprise


Table Tennis (women’s teams)

1. “Soroca” State Enterprise

2. Silva-Sud Cahul” State Enerprise

3. Nisporeni-Silva” State Enerprise


Long distance jumps

1. Edineţ” State Enterprise

2. Tighina” State Enterprise

3. “Iargara” State Enterprise



1. Străşeni” Silvo-Hunting Enterprise

2. “Plaiul Fagului” Natural Reservation

3. “Prutul de Jos” Natural Reservation



1. Cimişlia” Silvico-Hunting Enterprise

2.  “Călăraşi” State Enterprise

3. “Plaiul Fagului” Natural Reservation


            After the closing ceremony, the workers had time to rest during the whole weekend before going back to their regular work schedule.





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