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Japanese Grant TF093088


The Republic of Moldova is the recipient of the Grant offered by the Government of Japan under Policies on Human Resources Development Fund (PHRD) for "Community Support Program for Sustainable and Integrated Forest Management and Carbon Sequestration through Forestation". The grant amount is $975900. The grant will be assimilated by the Agency Moldsilva and the Forest Re­search and Management Institute (ICAS) through the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) set up un­der ICAS and with responsibilities for the implementation of MSCP and MCFP Projects.

The launching seminar of the Community Support Program (CSP) was organized in July 3, 2010. As many as 530 persons, including representatives of the Government, ministries, and forest entities sub­ordinated to Agency Moldsilva, local district councils (participant in the MSCP and MCFP Projects), NGOs and mass media participated at the event.

During 2010-2011, 19 beneficiaries joined the CSP. The total budget for those 19 projects was about 4 million MDL, of which 3.4 million MDL (about $293000) are the funds requested under CSP, and 683 thousand MDL (or 15%) are local contribution to the project. All planned activities are supposed to have a positive impact on community forest and pasture lands, and it will substantially contribute to the improvement of their general condition by enhancing the level of management and achieving the ecological and economic benefits so needed for local communities.

A total of 1453 ha of forests and other lands covered with woody vegetation are included in the project and the forest management planning will be done in 162 ha, and 291 ha of forestland affected/ destroyed by illegal logging will be subject to reconstruction/improving/completing works. Also, circa 609 ha of community pasturelands will be improved by applying various silvo-pastoral methods.





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